Doug Hood

Doug Hood is a worship leader, author, and business owner. As President and Owner of CSD Group, he leads a Solomon award-winning national design & integration team focused on Houses of Worship. His passion is to leverage the power of technology to build immersive environments where audio, video, lighting, and acoustics are used creatively and reliably to communicate with excellence.

Alison Istnick

Alison Istnick is a freelance writer and editor who has more than ten years’ experience bringing readers excellence and trends in church design, communications, leadership, worship technology and operations.

Andres Caamano

Andres Caamano is a writer and editor with nearly 20 years’ experience, including over four years as a content producer, bringing notable attention on the latest in achieved and available standout improvements in audio, video and lighting technology to team development for houses of worship.

Stephanie Lippi

Stephanie worked for Sight & Sound Theatres in Lancaster, PA: 6 years in Lighting, and another 6 years with the Design Department. While serving as a board member for North Star Initiative, a nonprofit that provides restoration to sex trafficking survivors, she helped to organize fundraisers and events. Over the years, Stephanie has served on her church’s worship team in various capacities. She is honored to now be using so many of the skills she’s learned to help bring material to life for CFX.