Microphones for Live Sound – Doug Gould

This is where it all begins in sound reinforcement. Limit your potential problems and maximize better audio for your church by gaining valuable insight to how these things operate. We will learn the differences between various microphones types, dynamics, ribbons and condensers; polar patterns: aiming the mic towards the desired sound and away from the undesired sounds; frequency response and how that relates to our choices; what is proximity effect?; comb filtering: why fewer mics sounds better than more mics; applications, tips and techniques and more…also included at no additional charge the Ten Things You Need to Know about Wireless (and more things if we have time). No need to bring your slide rules or calculators. I’m math-challenged

The event is finished.


Oct 16 2020


2:00 pm - 3:00 pm


Technology / Production


CFX 2020


CFX 2020