Achieving Church AV Excellence

Learn why focusing on lowest price often leads to headaches and issues with church technology and why focusing on long-term value is the better approach. Foundational purchasing is all about focusing on value for the long-term, not just what is best for the budget today. Making wise investments now can pay long dividends into the future by understanding concepts like Total Cost of Ownership and Building for the Future.Foundational Purchasing also frees your tech departments the freedom to explore what is right, not just what fits into the budget, providing better engagement and often, better end results.

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Church Sound Boot Camp

Tim Adams

Tim Adams

Serving in church tech ministry as a volunteer for over 20 years, Tim offers a unique perspective, borne from the week in/week out struggles facing church techs. He started in audio, learned video, then lighting and finally projection, mostly self-taught out of necessity. Tim is a lifelong student, always pushing for excellence rather than perfection and is deeply passionate about church AV.